Behance Pensacola Portfolio Review

When I went to college, the design program was brand new. I knew how important it was to gain experience before graduating but I didn’t know the importance of networking, nor did I have any professional contacts in my field. Basically, I was on my own. Fast forward to now, I have made it my goal to be the person who I needed during college which was someone who could mentor and share a little bit of insight of the working, exciting world of design and illustration.

Behance Pensacola 

I am excited to once again help organize the Behance Pensacola Portfolio Review, Pensacola Designer’s third portfolio night where creatives from the Gulf Coast meet and take your portfolio to a professional level. A year ago, I was fortunate to join an accomplished group of local graphic designers to serve as a reviewer from an in-house perspective. Getting to see the growth of the students you’ve helped is refreshing and humbling as many have landed gigs at places I never dreamed of. This year with my recent transition to full-time freelancing, I’m organizing in the hopes of keeping our talent local. That’s why we’ve added at least 4 agencies that are actively hiring. (No pressure, students, but I won’t say who!)

The event offers a chance for students to have a one-on-one review of their portfolio of work by one or more of a diverse group of advertising and design professionals who donate their time for this event. Practice your interviewing skills with professionals and receive valuable feedback on your portfolio.

designed by UWF student Michelle Le

Portfolio Night is open to:
students, emerging designers, those who are returning to the profession after some time off, changing career paths or anyone looking for guidance and feedback with a visual communications portfolio including, advertising, graphic design, illustration, and multimedia design.

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